How To Improve Your Content Marketing Now.


You know how much you work hard on your blog, from hours of writing to proofreading to designing the perfect graphics to accompany the post. Then finally you publish it.
Now for marketing benefits for your blogging efforts, meet Sumo , your new content marketing best friend. As you get to know Sumo throughout this post you’ll see how to;
Capture Leads before people even read one word of your content.
Examine your existing content to know how it performs.
✔Know exactly what part of your page/post people are clicking on (and what they aren’t )
✔Get opt-ins or drive traffic to another page website before visitors leave.
Social Quant came up with a list of five awesome features in this Sumo Review which includes; Sumo Weekly Stats Email, The Exit Intent Popup/Scroll Box, Content Analytics and Heat Map.
For detailed information about these features you can follow this link;


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