Social Media Marketing Do’s And Don’ts.


When it comes to your social media presence or strategy, it’s no longer a question of if but how we can execute a meaningful and engaging approach, without making it too personal or robotic, which often tends to fail to stand out.

The Do’s on Social Media Marketing are;
1. Interact with your customers.
   Take time to comment or interact with your customers to show that you’re interested in their views. You should always be tailored to your customer base.
2. Find suitable posting times.
  Always pay attention to your analytics to find out times when your followers are most active.
3. Use multiple media types.
  Media such as Infographics and videos have a tendency to be more sharable and appealing. Try to incorporate them.
4. Choose suitable social media platforms.
  When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), Google+ and YouTube are the best. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest are best for driving traffic or customer engagement.
5. Provide great customer service.
   Customers who are well satisfied with your customer service are more likely to come back and even establish a loyalty to your brand.

The Don’ts on Social Media Marketing are;
1. Don’t ignore your audience.
   Refusing to answer questions in comments or deleting them is a big marketing fail.
2. Don’t neglect your profile.
   If you cannot commit to utilizing and maintaining a platform’s page or account on a regular basis in a way that clearly represents your brand, then there’s no use of having it.
3. Don’t post too much.
   By posting too much chances are, you will overwhelm or annoy people, and this may result to;
                    ✔Loosing your followers.
                    ✔Posts getting lost and people won’t see the content that could be really valuable to them.
4. Don’t ignore your strategy on different platforms.
  If your strategy for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are exactly the same, you may want to reconsider your plan.
5. Don’t connect with everyone.
   Don’t follow everyone just because they follow you. The people you associate with must represent your brand in a good way to your customers.

I hope the do’s and don’ts have helped you realize a way to improve your social media marketing. Thank you for reading them.


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