3 Reasons Why We Make Excuses. 

The first question you’ll need to ask yourself is, what is an excuse? According to my understanding…

 An excuse is any reason we come up with which would get us out of a difficult situation OR any reason which would tend to counter any possible progress towards achieving something we want.

We can argue out that sometimes excuses really come in handy, and they do. But if you haven’t realised yet, the activity has a 100% chance of developing into a very bad habit. Look at it this way, in which situations did you come up with an excuse? You’ll probably find out that most of them were involved with you getting out of your comfort zone and doing something challenging, right? Right.

We all fear challenges and once something or a certain task is supposed to challenge us, chances are we might give an excuse. The phobia of us getting out of our comfort zone is not usually because of us, but because of those around us. I know right now you’re like, “this is so true, my _ _ _ likes telling me this and that” but no matter how true it is, it’s up to you to either give in or not.

So the 3 Reasons Why We Make Excuses are mainly because of, self-limiting beliefs, low self-esteem and the negativity of others. In order for us to deal with these three inhibitors, we’ll need to learn;

  1. How To Deal With Self-limiting Beliefs. 
  2. How To Improve On Our Self-esteem. 
  3. How To Deal With The Negativity Of Others

    These are the main subtopics we will be tackling on the causes of excuses starting from 24th July 2017. Stay tuned and enjoy your week.



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