Have You Asked Yourself These Questions?

I think it would be better if I start off this article by asking you what friendship or other people mean to you? Especially those who are after similar goals as you are.

We usually call them threats, don’t we? But are they? Why does that even happen? i.e Different people wanting the same things in life. I’m sure you’ve already asked yourself some of these questions if not all at one point or another in life right? Some of us got answers, others didn’t but are still seeking them, which shows that they are really making an effort to find out the unknown.

To be honest, I’ve been asking myself these questions for quite a long time now, and the question that I really revolved around on was “why I seemed to have similar goals with others?” It may seem to you that I was being petty, but really, this is something that sometimes gets to most of us. I recently got my answer, and I thought it would be great if I shared it in this article.

So, the answer I got was that if you happen to find out that there’s somebody after the same goals as you, don’t feel threatened. This will only lead you to stupidity. In success there is no competition, therefore no body can steal your success from you. And if by any chance, another person achieves something you wanted before you, don’t let hate and jealousy get to you because God has a plan for everyone, He knows you’re purpose, just like the maker of a cup knew it’s purpose. And sometimes the other person was meant to be the helping hand to your success, so what will you gain if you burn your bridge before crossing, by creating rivalry between you and the other party?

The road to success is not a race between you and others, it’s not a competition that winner takes it all. Chill out! In everything there’s something different that each and every individual, no matter how similar their goals seem will do. Everybody is a winner in their own life.

Thank you for reading this article and have an awesome week.




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