Negative Emotions.

What are negative emotions? According to my understanding, a negative emotion is any emotion which has the ability to weigh us down in everything we do or want to do. What do you think?

Some of the characteristics which are termed as negative emotions are doubt, jealousy, frustration, sadness, shame, fear, guilt, depression, despair, and even envy. Looking careful at these characteristics, you’ll realise that they all tend to tilt towards a destructive path in one’s life; they have detrimental effect to us and in some cases the people surrounding us. This can either be psychological or physical.

Based on research carried out worldwide on why the cases of suicide are rising, it was found out that most of them were linked to negative emotions like frustration and depression amongst many others. One of the most resent cases known by many of us is Chester Bennington’s, which was due to depression. It was a very heartbreaking loss to those who grew up listening to Linkin Park, and even his family and friends. This is one of many cases which shows how the effects of negative emotions affects the people around victims. Very detrimental.

How can we deal with these emotions before they take a wrong turn? What I’m about to write here may seem wierd to you but it’s the only proven way which has worked for me and it can work for anyone. We should train ourselves to think and be positive – Positive in the fact that no matter how hard times may seem right now, we must make the choice of seeing the beauty in every situation we’re in.

You may be wondering whether there is any beauty or positivity in situations like depression, frustration, or sadness, but there are. The beauty is what we learn from them. That’s in the fact that there is that one or two things which lead you to negativity, and it’s during this stage that we need to open up eyes to see them and deal with them. Have you ever heard of the phrase darkness can never exist without light? Of course you have. This means that in every negative emotion there is an assurance of a bright side, and it can only be achieved by being positive or optimistic that things will get better, because they will. Becoming better takes sacrifice, and a sacrifice for the good is worth everything.

The benefits of positivity are so vast and it’s upto to you to work on realising them. So in simple words.

“All the days of your life find it wisest to dwell on the beautiful and good, and as little as possible on the evil and false.”

Thank you for reading this article, and wish you the best of luck this week.







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