Poor Human Beings.

Silence is one of the most powerful aspect of life I know. It’s not always about being quiet when things are happening, but it’s all about patience, you or any other entity is patient with something or someone because you are assured that they’ll probably mature and understand that what they are doing is wrong. Silence, like air can only be felt but not seen, so it’s upto us to heighten our our senses.

I’m certain that you’ve been told over and over that when someone wants to argue with you on a pointless thing, you be the bigger person and let them be, right? Though it’s not always easy to restrain ourselves we still do it. The good thing is that in the end, the joke’s on them, just like now, the joke’s on us human beings. Why am I saying this?

For decades now we’ve been destroying earth by thinking that we’re making it better when actually we’re not. Earth has been “silent” for all those years not complaining though it’s not been easy. As earth’s inhibitors, we think we know better but do we? Why are we experiencing global warming, devastating seismic activities, cyclones and hurricanes? Does this mean that human civilisation is in jeopardy of coming to an end, and how fast can that happen?

We’ve been destroying something which we were given for free, and now we’re busy searching for alternatives. It’s been said by many scientists that the planet Mars is the ideal one. But do you think that the results will be any different? If we can’t respect what we were given, will we really respect what we’ve stolen?

Think about that.

Thank you for reading this article and if you have any question or clarification just drop it in the comments’ section. Enjoy your week.







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