How To Silence The Inner Critic

How to silence the Inner Critic is the third topic on the Causes Of Excuses.

As human beings, most of us are bound set life-long goals, some which are so great that we have no idea on how we are to achieve them but we know we can, and we must.

One thing about having goals set is that we unknowingly develop two totally contradictory beings in us. They are, the Will Power and the Inner Critic. Looking at these two, one of them will build you up, while the other will tear you down, so will have learn how to deal with the Inner Critic by know what it is, what it does, and how to silence it.

The Inner Critic is that voice which always tells us that whatever we are thinking about is “non-sense”. Its main purpose is to try to keep us in our comfort zones, therefore we will never have a chance of growing or developing to fit our full potentials. It will always try to stop us whenever we want to do something beneficial for ourselves, but which is not easy.

It is true that the road to success is not easy, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop and give up. One thing the Inner Critic can’t do is to make us loose, because loosing is part of the learning process. But what it will do is, it will take advantage of us in that state, and try to convince us to give up.

The Inner Critic may manifest itself in so many ways but it’s main form are the limitations we place on ourselves. Here I’ll mention to most common ones and their realities. They are;

  • I don’t have money. It’s true you may not have money but you can always find some. Work out a plan to get some.
  • I don’t know the right people. If you can get access to any device which has internet connectivity, you have a chance of reaching out to the right people. Use social media for growth.
  • I’m not of the right age. Success doesn’t care what age you are. As long as you can think of what you want from life, nothing should stop you.
  • The timing of this opportunity is wrong. If your always waiting for the right time, you will never succeed. And once opportunity comes knocking on you’re door, that is the right time.

Most of the things the Inner Critic tells us has a positive and empowering contradiction to it. So never let it win.

Another thing is that both the Will Power and the Inner Critic tend to have the “strength”,so they are equals. This means that the Inner Critic cannot be defeated or permanently from us, but it can be suppressed thus silenced. In order to do this with all mentioned above summarised,

All the days of your life, try as much as possible to focus on the beautiful and good, and as little as possible on the evil and false.

Thank you for reading this and wishing you a successful week this week.



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