The Journey

I think it would be wisest if I started off this article by quoting the following statement. 

You are going far but not fast.

No matter how much the statement above may seem demeaning to most of us just know it should not. This is because even though time is a limiting factor to most activities throughout our life time, we really need to understand that we must be patient when it comes to success.

As long as you know where you are going or want to go, keeping yourself on the right track is all that matters. There is no need of reaching your destination so fast without even getting a glimpse of most the things, if not everything that happened along the way there. When it’s about success, every single detail, be it breakthroughs or challenges encountered count. They are and they will always be stepping stones to the next level.

So from all these you need to realise that there are two things about a journey, that should never be forgotten;

  1. The journey itself, and 
  2. The Destination, for you can’t have a journey without one.

Thank you for reading this article and have an awesome week ahead of you.

Martin Oywa. 



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