Rise and Grind

To me the two words above bear deeper meaning than any failure I may have faced or will face in my life.

To me they mean to rise to the occasion and fight for my dreams like a warrior and breathe fire like a dragon.

When I crave for success, I want it bad so that I can be able to succeed. The road towards my goals will have its own ups and downs. It’s a journey anyways. But it’s my obligation to overcome and suppress every single challenge I encounter.

But the catch to Rising and Grinding is; I must set my Priorities Right!

What about you? Are your priorities set right? If yes, awesome! If not, are you ready?



18 Replies to “Rise and Grind”

  1. Ha! Very good! Are the priorities set right? Everyone can only determine this by himself, because it is about their own well-being. What do I need most? Success, money, reputation or love?

    “When I crave for success, I want it bad so that I can be able to succeed.”, what does the “bad” in the sentence mean? Does it mean you must feel bad, so that you are able to succeed, or does it mean that you want it a lot? I have some translation problems, sorry!

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      1. yes I think so! As long as there is power and hope, there is no reason to turn around. The priorities are very clear. The implementation is difficult because humanity binds you to certain things. I’m not a huck-jerk man who disappears overnight. Certainly a weakness but these are values that have been taught to me, how to behave and how to deal with each other, which always stand in the way of something.

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      2. This is why it is know to few that nobody is ever to busy, it’s just but a matter of their priorities. Don’t worry about what other people think because they too have times which their priorities don’t go in line with what you want to do with them.


      3. you are actually right. Priorities must always be clear and tracked. But really straightforward that does not happen in reality. Firstly, it is not always clear which actions are helpful in achieving my goals, so that you often waste time because the actions did not work. Furthermore, there are basically some things that you have to do or would like to do, so that the allday works or you stay healthy and feel good. But I understand that a rough framework of action must be established and must be followed so that there is progress at all. Otherwise, there will be a mental chaos.

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      4. You’re right. One thing about having you’re priorities right is that you have planned yourself right. Most things if not everything you plan to do is in order meaning no mental chaos no matter what distractions come your way.

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  2. People are very different and some are used to going through simple thoughts and ways because they end up in chaos very quickly. A mental chaos would mean stagnation and shock. I think such people are just not as quick and straightforward as others who can structure their thoughts very well.

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  3. Of course you are completely right. Everybody can and should develop. Rise and grind! As a human we have our priorities and we want to fight for. I just wanted to say that some people know better how to reach their goals and some need more time because they do not really know the way. They are just lost in too much decisions and maybe never ever made big decisions but just took things as they came around. So they also have to learn to make decisions.

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    1. Yes time. You know, even if we’re always told that time doesn’t wait for people, it does. Because just as you’ve said, some of us need more time to make decisions, and duirng that process time will stick by our side until the day we make them.

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  4. yes, time is running and we know that and it makes us nervous, but you can not change it anyway. Some people need more time to make decisions. And maybe it’s not the decisions that take longer, but the consequences of those decisions. The action after desicion. Because this iss the more difficult part because you have to change your habits and your allday.

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