4. Creating An Idea.

Creating an idea is basically the fourth topic on Causes of excuses, but the good thing here is that we’re past that stage and now we’re ready to move to taking action. Let us start.

Before we even start we first need to know what an idea is. So what is an idea? According to my own understanding, an idea is just a basic thought which is geared towards creating or solving something. What about to you?

When I was younger, I used to love watching cartoons, I still do haha… So what really fascinated me most about them was when a light bulb would magically appear on or in a characters head when faced with a task or problem, but that didn’t mean anything to me then obviously. What do I mean? Little did I know that I was constantly being educated and reminded that ideas just don’t come out of the blue, they have a trigger. Ideas are like an automatic stimuli to challenges. So what does this have to do with creating ideas? Lets jump right in…

In order for us to create ideas, we must first start by challenging ourselves. Getting out of our comfort zones. And this can only be achieved by setting goals. Setting goals on anything we want to have or achieve. We’ll basically be talking about how to create an idea from a dream or goal perspective.

When setting goals, majority of us usually have zero clues on how we are to achieve them right? Right. This is normal so it shouldn’t scare us. Why? During the process of building up a dream or goal, we have this tendency of thinking about a great deal,and also weighing out the pros and cons. Thinking about the negatives is never a healthy thing to do, so I’ll need you to practice this activity that I borrowed from ‘The Moving Road’ by Steven Webb;
1. Take a piece of paper.
2. Divide it into two columns.
3. Write Pros on one side, and Cons on the other, without filling them in.
4. Cross out the Cons column.
5. Now try filling in at least 10 Pros.
The reasoning behind crossing out the Cons column is that, the human mind is made in such a magnificent way that if it is only has one thing to think about, it can do wonders! I’d recommend that you read the book. Since it’s in PDF form, I’ll provide you with a link to the book below together with the author’s Twitter handle.

Hoping that you did the activity above, you have successfully challenged yourself. Even though you may still not have any clue on how to go about your goals, you now have a ton positives to keep you going. The thing here is, slowly but surely you’ll start having these wonderful thoughts which have the answers to how you are to go about your goals. These thoughts are what I call ideas.

Thank you for reading this article and enjoy your week.
As I promised, here is the link and Steven Webbs Twitter handle

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18 Replies to “4. Creating An Idea.”

  1. I liked your article and being a goal setter it resonated with me. I would say though that some people are better at solving problems and don’t get anything done by setting goals. There’s a book called “Stop setting goals if you’d rather solve problems,” that i​ think is useful to people who try to set goals​​,​ but would really benefit from a slightly different approach. Great article though and I totally agree with it.

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    1. Thank you. Very true, taking the problem solving approach can also be applied in creating an idea because creating an idea is basically coming up with ways in which one can solve a task. Very nice observation thank you.


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