The Florence Prescription book by Joe Tye, the CEO and Head Coach of Values Coach Inc. He is a leading authority on strategies to foster the culture of ownership in health-care organizations and a frequent speaker on values-based life and leadership skills and cultural transformations.

His book is basically about humanity to others by fostering the values of accountability and ownership amongst ourselves, in his case, people in health-care organizations. The book not only touches on those two, but also the perspectives of reality, culture, self-empowerment, and general personal success in our everyday lives; which is tied to both ownership and accountability. This was Florence Nightingale’s dream,and she made it a reality!

Let us begin…

I was able to complete reading the book in 11 days and I really got a lot from it. So I’ll summarize every lesson I learned in quotes or even simple paragraphs during that period, and by the end of it all, I’m sure you’ll be ready to take on the journey of The Florence Prescription.

“We can do better than this, We must do better than this…”
– Florence Nightingale

“Find the best dealers, win them over. Make them fight with you, not against you, and the rest will follow…”

This was from Chapter One of the book, and to lay more emphasis on Attitude, this was quoted…
“You can’t be cynical and negative sitting in the cafeteria and then somehow flip an inner switch and become genuinely compassionate when you walk into a patient’s room. They’ll see right through the fraud.”

“Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Culture of Ownership
~ Commitment
~ Engagement
~ Passion
~ Initiative
~ Stewardship
~ Belonging
~ Fellowship
~ Pride

“Your core values define who you are, what you stand for, and what you won’t stand for.”
– Carol Jean

The Twelve Core Action Values I got from reading this book were amazing! They were divided into two; The fist 6 Core Action Values(Laying a Solid Foundation) were to help in development of our inner strength of character, and The Second 6 Core Action Values(Taking Effective Action) were to catalyze action and inspire contribution.

“I – CARE”
This amazing words symbolized;

I – Integrity
C – Compassion
A – Accountability
R – Respect
E – Excellence

The problem here is that, if people don’t live by them all the time, they are just good intentions, little more than suggestions, and in order for us to live by “I – CARE”, we need to form the right culture, and creating the right culture is nothing more and nothing less than knowing who you are and what you want to be, and doing the things needed for that transformation to occur.

“The cornerstones of Integrity are Honesty, Reliability, Humility, and Stewardship”
– Carol Jean

“Unless leadership sets an example of living the organization’s core values, they are likely to be seen as just an empty slogan.”

This where leadership at the Memorial Medical Center was being spoken about…

“Culture doesn’t change unless people change. Helping people achieve personal change is a great investment in fostering a better culture.”

“What any of us call our own era depends upon what we choose see – the best of times or worst of times. And what we choose to see today – and how leaders choose to frame reality when speaking with their people, will profoundly shape the future they create. Perspective shapes reality”

#Perspective #Reality #Beliefs

DAY 10
“Empowerment isn’t something that can be given, it’s a choice that must be made. No one can empower you but yourself, and once you’ve given yourself that power, no one can take it away from you.”


DAY 11
“It’s said that culture eats strategy for lunch, but culture doesn’t change until people change.”


In conclusion, I’d like to tell you three things that the culture of ownership requires of us;
1. Emotional Positivity,
2. Self-Empowerment, and
3. Full Engagement.
(The 3 Commitments of The Florence Challenge)

Now it’s up to you to take The Florence Challenge. Are you ready?


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